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Benjamin Wade said:   September 14, 2014 5:54 am PST
It is always great to hear that we provided a quality service as stated by another happy Angies List member! Benjamin Wade Writes: Hire Again: Yes Description Of Work: These folks trapped and removed the squirrels that were wrecking havoc in my attic. The put steel plates around the house to keep the squirrels from getting back in. They also blew insulation into my attic to bring the house up to RVA standards (the house should have at least 9" of insulation in the attic and it had less than 3") They were easy to work with and complete professionals. I would recommend them to anyone with an unwanted animal infestation issue...

Lindsay B. said:   September 10, 2014 8:46 am PST
Drew did a great job with our mouse problem! He was knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend using Trapper Jack for getting rid of unwanted critters and keeping them out in the future.

William White said:   August 29, 2014 7:45 am PST
I started having trouble with groundhogs digging around the bushes in front of one of our properties about three years ago so I started taking measures to get rid of them. At first I tried blocking the holes which of course did nothing to stop them. Then we called Animal P**s and they came out, charged me $200.00 up front, set out three live traps for a week and didn't catch a single critter, they were happy to take my money and offered no refund what so ever to this Navy veteran, I will try to get a refund again. I then went out and purchased my own live traps and was successful in catching a few myself. I then put up a fence which didn't help much at all as they simply went under and around it. I started using other traps and was successful in trapping a few more but finally it got so bad we had to call Trapper Jack and I was very impressed when I found the website and it gave me much needed hope. See More at

DON POCEK said:   August 29, 2014 7:36 am PST
Ben Mounsey was a real champ about the entire process. We knew we had a 4 skunk problem, because we often went out on the deck (at night) and saw 4 skunks. Luckily they were young and probably not able to spray yet, so we knew we needed to trap them ASAP. Ben responded immediately and dropped off the traps. He knew where to place them and exactly how to bate them. Unfortunately, raccoons and opossums also like skunk food, so it took a while (about 13 days) to catch all 4 skunks. The final tally was 2 raccoons, 3 opossums and 4 skunks. Ben never complained...he just picked up a critter and set another trap so it was ready to go. In my opinion, he went way "above and beyond the call of duty." I would recommend Ben to anyone who has an unwanted wildlife problem. In our particular situation, we identified the problem very early, so we did not experience any house or deck damage, but I am sure that Ben would do excellent work damage or repair work relating to wildlife infiltration.

Dianne Woolfolk said:   August 26, 2014 3:01 pm PST
Ben is the best! These guys knew what they were doing, did more than I asked for, and did it right. No more skunks, the crawl space is sealed (including a new door), and he could not have been nicer. Professional, reasonably priced, hardworking, and genuinely cared about the quality of his work.

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