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Snakes consistently rank high among the most common phobias humans have. It isn’t hard to see why – they are somewhat strange-looking with bizarre locomotion, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between the deadly and benign without a great deal of training. If you have found a snake in your home, we always strongly recommend bringing in a team of professionals to handle the situation safely. The vast majority of people who are injured by snakes on their property are bitten while attempting to catch the snake, not as a surprise attack on the individual. At Trapper Jack Wildlife Specialist, we have extensive training in this area and can provide the help you need.

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How to Deal with Snakes on Your Property

No matter what type of snake it is, the first order of business is almost always to leave it alone. Snakes are rarely aggressive and can often be beneficial parts of the local ecosystem when left to their own devices. However, it is just as important not to bother snakes that are venomous, for obvious reasons. Instead, simply call in a team that has the tools and training necessary to handle the situation safely. We can identify the type of snake and take whatever safety precautions they might require, then remove the snake from your home and bring it somewhere better suited to its needs. Once this is complete, we can perform a thorough home exclusion, which means sealing off any possible means of entry that a snake might use to find its way into your house.

Offering Humane Solutions

Nothing is more important to our team than being the company our customers know they can trust to handle wildlife problems with efficiency as well as care. We are proud to have served our community since 1997, and our snake removal specialists in Nashville do everything in our power to continue offering the absolute best service available in the industry.

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