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Restoring Spaces Damaged by Wildlife

If wildlife has caused damage to your building’s attic or crawl space, removal is not enough to fix the problem; restoration will be an important step in fixing the issue for good. Restoring your space properly will ensure that your family stays safe from any disease-causing pathogens the wild animal(s) may have brought into your space and it will help prevent other wild animals from being attracted to your home in the future.

Problems that homeowners often encounter include:

  • Feces or urine in the insulation
  • Odor problems inside the home
  • Mold growth on contaminated areas
  • Roundworm, parasites, and other pathogens
  • Pheromone scent that attracts other animals

Don't let wildlife destroy your space. Contact Trapper Jack Wildlife Specialist today at (615) 258-6565 to start your restoration project as soon as possible.

Hire a Wildlife Professional to Restore Your Attic

The team at Trapper Jack Wildlife Specialist follows very specific steps and takes precautions to restore your crawl space effectively and safely.

About Our Process:

  • Step 1: Vacuum the Droppings

The droppings of smaller animals cannot be efficiently removed by hand. Because they are often numerous and very small, these must be removed with a filter vacuum. If the concentration of droppings is too high for this to be effective, we often recommend replacing the contaminated insulation.

  • Step 2: Remove Large Animal Droppings

If a larger animal has been inhabiting your attic, such as a raccoon or an opossum, the droppings and other debris must be removed by hand. When handling any wild animal droppings, it is especially important to take precautions against infection and disease by wearing the proper safety equipment, such as rubber gloves, a HEPA filter mask, and a biohazard suit.

  • Step 3: Remove & Replace Insulation

In many cases, it is impossible to properly clean and restore an area of your home from wildlife droppings and nesting materials without removing and replacing the insulation or vapor barriers. We use special tools like an electric atomizing mist machine to dispense an enzyme-based biohazard cleaner. This cleaner destroys organic matter while keeping the structure safe and untouched. It kills the pathogens and, importantly, eliminates the pheromone odors left behind that could attract other animals to the area.

Do not try to restore your space on your own. Keep your home safe from pests by hiring a professional to clean up after a wild animal has been relocated.

Our Nashville team of wildlife professionals understands what it takes to properly restore your attic into a safer and cleaner space. Contact Trapper Jack Wildlife Specialist today at (615) 258-6565 for your attic restoration project.

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