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Wildlife Damage Repairs

Wildlife Damage Repairs in Nashville

Fixing Your Animal Problems in Tennessee

Wildlife damage repairs play a vital role in the wild animal control process. Our professionals at Trapper Jack Wildlife Specialist are determined to solve your wildlife problem in Nashville – not only by relocating the animal, but also by making sure the damage they caused is fixed.

If your house was damaged by squirrels, raccoons, rats, or other wildlife, contact Trapper Jack Wildlife Specialist today at (615) 258-6565.

We Guarantee Our Repairs Throughout Nashville

Fixing any damage to your home, whether caused by wildlife or not, is an important, final step in the process of trapping and relocating animals. A preexisting hole in the attic is just as problematic as one created by the critters themselves.

It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to perform effective repairs that do not compromise the quality or aesthetics of your home. We take care to ensure that the animals currently taking shelter in your home are unable to get back inside, effectively protecting your property against any future critters as well.

Common examples of home repairs needed from wildlife damage include:

  • Holes in the walls: Small pests like rats and squirrels are able to move in and out of your home through holes that need to be sealed properly to avoid inviting other animals in. We take the time to find every single hole that needs to be repaired. We bring the right tools for the job, seal all of the holes but one, and trap the animals leaving through it. Once they have been relocated, we are able to clean up the area they were inhabiting and finally seal your home 100% against future critters.
  • Damaged pipes: Pests like armadillos are notorious for their burrows, which can not only uproot landscaping, but also damage pipes. We specialize in assessing the damage created by these animals and are able to help you decide how to proceed with the necessary repairs.
  • Mold from animal droppings: Especially in small, warm spaces like an attic, a wild animal may set up camp and spend a lot of its time in your home. Once we have safely relocated the pest, we will use proven methods and proper equipment to clean, decontaminate, and restore the crawl space to a safe area for your family.

Each of these repairs present their own challenges to you as a homeowner, and our team is fully licensed to effectively deal with each one and prevent any future damage or nuisance. We are proud to approach every job with an attention to detail that ensures the safety of your family and the animal as well as the integrity of your home. We guarantee our work will solve your wildlife problem – not only this time, but in the future as well.

We have the right tools for the job. If you need repairs to your home due to wildlife pests, contact Trapper Jack Wildlife Specialist at (615) 258-6565 today.

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